What are Car Graphics?

Car Graphics are made of several components. Design, Materials, and Installation.

Design:Car Graphics for Gatlinburg TN Businesses

Whether you are wrapping a personal vehicle for fun and originality or a commercial vehicle for a return on investment for your business in Gatlinburg TN, you need to have a goal or direction driving the design. Our graphic designers keep in mind the complex curves and dimensionality of each vehicle when putting together the proofs. The design layout must take the installation process into consideration.


3M Cast Vinyl with special adhesives are printed and allowed to cure before being laminated with a clear cast laminate that adds scratch resistance, UV protection and high gloss to all of our Car Graphics.

Custom Car Graphics in Gatlinburg TNInstallation:

Skilled and experienced installers manipulate a 2 dimensional product onto and around a 3 dimensional object with complex curves taking advantage of the adhesives technology. Knowing how to prevent wrinkles, bubbles and scratches while making sure the images fall where they are designed to on all of the Car Graphics we install.


Types of Vehicle Wraps for Gatlinburg TN

Full Wrap:

Full Car Graphics incorporate a digital print on the whole vehicle and may or may not cover the roof or both bumpers.

Partial Wrap:

Partial Car Graphics can have a contoured area of digitally printed vinyl wrapped on only a portion of the vehicle. The amount of area covered may be determined by the purpose of the wrap, budget and type of wrapable area on the vehicle.

Vehicle Graphics don’t have to cover all of a vehicle. A large decal of just a Logo may be all you need.

Custom Car Graphics in Gatlinburg TNWhy get Car Graphics?

Car Graphics take advertising further than standard printed ads. Car Graphics are unlike Gatlinburg TN phonebook listings that are bunched together with all the other competition and are only looked at when a potential customer is in immediate need of your services. Car Graphics are constantly in plain view of anyone who walks, drives, rides, or has a view of any road or parking lot in Gatlinburg TN or any area you wish to advertise. That covers just about everybody! Your Gatlinburg TN company is constantly in their view and will come to mind when they need your services. Car Graphics can’t be ignored, turned off, or blocked. People pay attention to Car Graphics whether or not they want to they will see your brand. Car Graphics empower you with mobile marketing. You can take Car Graphics where usual advertising can’t go. Busy parking lots of ball games, local Gatlinburg TN events, grocery stores, trade shows, amusement parks, school events, even live news events become advertising opportunities for Car Graphics to become an attractive mobile billboard. Make thousands of impressions in minutes just driving through downtown Gatlinburg TN during lunch hour or rush hour. Even parked, Car Graphics are seen by most people that pass them throughout the day.

Custom Car Graphics in Gatlinburg TN

Car Graphics Process

Car Graphics in Gatlinburg TNThere are many elements involved to do Car Graphics. Once a price is established, typically a 50% deposit is used to secure the job and order materials. Designs are done by a Graphic Artist after initial consultation with customer to get a direction on layout. Proofs are worked up and sent for revision or approval. Once approved, an install date is set up in available days between our Car Graphics company and the customer when they can be without that vehicle for the needed time. Some vehicles take longer than others. Special Vinyl printed on a Large Format Printer with Solvent Inks that have to cure or out-gas before they are Laminated with a large roll to roll laminator. Once that is done the panels will be trimmed and labeled for installation. The vehicle needs to arrive washed but not waxed. If there are existing graphics or decals and emblems there needs to be an agreement on removal and extra cost if applicable. Some features or hardware may be removed from the vehicle to make the installation easier or of higher quality when possible. The vehicle is then cleaned by our installers using solutions for de-greasing and Isopropyl alcohol as a final step. Car Graphics are installed with experienced installers who know how to wrap flat vinyl onto compound curves, deep recesses and trouble shoot where need for alignment etc. Some Car Graphics such as cargo vans have less “fine detailing” due to less windows, doors, curves, and no need for bumpers. Other Car Graphics such as sedans or passenger vans tend to take much longer for installation due to the increase in attention being given to elements such as bumpers, window seals, door handles and lights.

ROI Comparison to other forms of marketing for Car Graphics

ROI on Car Graphics in Gatlinburg TNThe Car Graphics value is its most attractive attribute. Studies have been done on advertising media types vs. their cost and Return on Investment (ROI) with cost per impressions. These studies show Car Graphics to carry the highest dollar value for their daily impressions. Many times because they cover a common area on a daily basis they tend to have a repetitive effect on the viewer leaving a sub-conscious impact that when the need arises for your services they recall your name. This is what all advertising attempts to do with branding. Even getting stuck in Gatlinburg TN traffic can be a good thing, Get in the viewer’s head so they think of you. Car Graphics do this on several levels. Gatlinburg TN Phone books and search engines lump you in with your competition when a prospect needs your service. But Car Graphics stand out on their own 24 hours a day regardless if they viewers want to see it or not. They can’t help but notice it and each time it makes an impression it is establishing your company as a local Gatlinburg TN presence. A perfect example of this is a company we’ve all heard of. I’ll give you a hint...they drive Brown Trucks. I’d be surprised if the first company that came to your mind wasn’t UPS. Why is that? Because their “brand” is their vehicles. Visible by anybody who can see a public road. You don’t have to drive or even go outside to see vehicles on a public road. Restaurants with windows facing a public road are full of potential impressions. ROI on Car Graphics in Gatlinburg TNDriving around Gatlinburg TN isn’t even necessary to make impressions. In fact another beautiful thing about Car Graphics is you can take them to places as advertisements where you normally can’t advertise. Sports stadiums, concert halls, malls, schools, trade shows, races, local Gatlinburg TN events, conventions, amusement parks etc. All of these places are full of people you can make impressions on just by parking Car Graphics or driving one around. A mobile billboard you can take to your prospects. That kind of advertising is usually only available to multi-million dollar companies like Coke or McDonald’s. People are used to seeing those kind of ads and usually don’t pay much attention to them. But Car Graphics are not as commonplace and grabs the attention. If your product or service has a target audience and that target audience congregates in a central location you can take advantage of that with Car Graphics.

Cost Comparisons for Car Graphics

Custom Car Graphics in Gatlinburg TNAverage Gatlinburg TN phone book ads cost between $150 & $1,000 a month or more, where your ad is surrounded by your Gatlinburg TN competitors. That’s $1,800 to $12,000 a year.   Compare that to the average cost of Car Graphics that costs between $1,800 and $3,500 and effectively lasts for 5 years or longer, being seen by anybody that passes. That breaks down to between $30 to $60 a month.  According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Car Graphics are among the most cost effective forms of advertising available. Industry statistical research shows the following: A Gatlinburg TN Billboard can cost between $3,000 to $5,000 a month in prime traffic areas. That’s more marketing money in one month than the cost of typical Car Graphics.

Car Graphics Design and Installation

Quote on Car Graphics in Gatlinburg TNInstallation of quality Car Graphics are good but combined with a quality Car Graphics design is better because it’s more effective. Car Graphics are a mobile billboard to grab attention and generate interest or memory recall to the Gatlinburg TN onlookers. It is not an informational brochure. Having the website on Car Graphics design will direct them to all the info they need. The message should make its impact immediately and clearly. You should know what the companies name is and what it does however you don’t need to list all the services you offer. Logo and or name should convey what the company does. If it does not then a tag-line or slogan may be needed. Car Graphics pricing is not a one size fits all endeavor. All Car Graphics vary in year, make, model, and style but most importantly in design layout. Some designs require a lot more time than others depending on the elements involved. There is usually a Car Graphics price and a separate design price. Car Graphics design can range from $150 to $500 and when billed out as a separate charge will not apply to other Car Graphics of the same Year, Make, and Model. Sometimes there are discounts available if multiple Car Graphics are ordered at one time as a Fleet Discount. Thank you kindly for considering using us for your Gatlinburg TN Car Graphics.

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